Disability Inclusive Community Based Disaster Risk management

A toolkit for practice in South Asia

This toolkit has been designed for use by disaster risk management practitioners and policy makers who wish to understand more about how to make community based disaster risk management inclusive of persons with disabilities.

Its content is based on knowledge and practices gathered from our work in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.



The Toolkit is split into 3 parts:

  • Part 1 covers background information on disability, key terminology and concepts for our work
  • Part 2 provides practical guidance for the implementation of disability inclusive CBDRM – divided into 8 topic areas
  • Part 3 contains user-friendly tools to complement the advice given in part 2


Download the whole toolkit here

  • Download :

Or choose the Section or tool you are most interested in:

  • Part One: Background to disability inclusive CBDRM:
  • Part Two, section 1: Principles for Inclusion:
  • Part Two, section 2: Vulnerability and Capacity Assessments:
  • Part Two, section 3: Community Risk Management Planning:
  • Part Two, section 4: Inclusive Early Warning Systems:
  • Part Two, section 5: Search and Rescue and First-Aid Task Forces:
  • Part Two, section 6: Shelters:
  • Part Two, section 7: Household and Self-Preparedness:
  • Part Two, section 8: Stockpiling:
  • Tool 1: Communicating and Interacting with Persons with Disabilities – A Checklist:
  • Tool 2: Making IEC materials Inclusive:
  • Tool 3: Making Search and Rescue Training Inclusive of Persons with Disabilities:
  • Tool 4: Guidelines on Physical Accessibility for Shelters:
  • Tool 5: Household Preparedness Pocket Guide for Field Staff:


The resources shared here have been developed through our work across Asia on inclusive disaster risk management. They are free to download and use. If you have comments or feedback on the resources provided here, then please contact us using the email address on the contact us page.